Organizational Psychology Paper

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Organizational psychology Organizational psychology is a very specific field of study that looks closely at, and examines, the individual or group within an organization; it is about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. “Organizational psychology is focused on group-type settings, most commonly offices and workplace psychology. This section of psychology takes theories, research, and intervention and communication strategies and applies them to groups in both work and non-work settings” (What is Organizational Psychology? 2009). It is dedicated to understanding not only the individual or group within an organization, but their behavior, their interpersonal processes and their organizational dynamics. Also, organizational psychology is an effort to control, predict and explain the why's and how's of both individual and group dynamics within an organization. Its purpose is to build better relationships by achieving human objectives, organizational objectives, and social objectives. The primary purpose of organizational psychology is to develop an understanding of the management of modern organizations through knowledge of human behavior, an understanding of both within the organization and outside the organization. This unit is concerned with identifying and managing the attitudes and actions of individuals and groups, looking particularly at how people can be motivated to join and remain in the organization to get people to practice effective teamwork, accomplish their jobs more efficiently, and employees can be encouraged to be more flexible and innovative. Organizations are, indeed, people who interact to accomplish shared objectives. The study of organizational behavior and its affiliated subjects help us understand what people think, feel and do in
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