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Organizational Principles and Guidelines | A brief guideline on Organizational principles and designing Organizational Structures | ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE & RECRUITMENT PEOPLE & ORGANIZATION | PRINCIPLES OF AN ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE * A standard organization should have 6 vertical and leadership layers (CEO CXO Department Section Sub-Section Unit). Employees are at 7th and final layers. It is discouraged to created un-necessary organizational layers. * Type of functions/ roles (i.e. Managerial and/ or Specialists) should be clearly identified in the organizational structure. For the optimum performance of the organization, ‘Right people at the right place’ should be maintained. The people placement should be in line with People Planning which should support business need. * Number of manpower and vacancies as per approved FTE / Head count plan should be reflected in the Organogram. * The Organizational Structure should contain a Brief Scope of work (in divisional and section level at least) with Key deliverables of the Functional area. * Span of control should be clearly outlined in the structure to Improve leadership and ensure proper leadership practice and structural balance * For Managers, a span control of 1: 5 to 1:15 is required for effective leadership practice, horizontal organizational expansion and effective communication. With this Span of control, the leader can also be evaluated by Individual Leadership Profile in IVC at the end of a certain period. Note: Span refers to the number of specialized activities or individuals supervised by one person. Deciding the span of control is important for coordinating different types of activities effectively. Some of the important situational factors which affect the span of control are: * Similarity of functions
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