Organizational Motivation Essay

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Motivation is a complex factor in relation to business efficiency. Several theories exist that intent to help understand how to take the correct approach that best motivates employees. Employee input at work relies on the motivation managers provide. In short: input is driven by motivation, which determines organizational goals. The following will explore the role motivation plays in an organization. Two motivation theories, the Equity theory and Maslow’s Needs theory will further clarify aspects that need to be taken into consideration when motivating employees. Motivation at work is equivalent to fuel in a car- one cannot successfully operate without the other. While most people cannot change their basic personality traits, managers can modify their behaviors to perform more effectively. There is nothing new about organizations that use incentives to motivate workers. Many companies have instituted a financial incentive/pay-for-performance plan. However, Mercer Human Resource Counseling found that 70% of employees felt that their organizations pay-for-performance plan was ineffective. While this study seems surprising to read, consideration must be given to the fact that people differ from one another. In turn, perspectives, desires and reactions differ from one individual to the next. Studies show that recognition in combination with financial rewards produced a 30% performance improvement. Employees feel that it is important to see that others appreciate their work. The Equity theory reinforces the previous findings. The equity theory is an assessment employees can use to determine their own motivational factor. He following example will better explain how this theory can be applied: Mrs. A. notes that she is scheduled for the same hours with the same work load as Mr. B. Mrs. A. will now have a relatively high motivational factor, since she confirmed equal and
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