Organizational Management Task 1 Essay

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Organizational Management Charlene Taylor 0000345193 WGU Organizational Management Utah Symphony and Utah Opera are considering a merger. There are many different opinions regarding this merger that will be discussed in the following pages. Bill Bailey is chairman of the board at the opera. Bill had some financial concerns regarding the merger. The opera was considered stable on many factors. The opera had a reserve fund and was financially stable, and could adjust the size and projects of the opera as needed. The symphony had no flexibility. Another concern was that the opera would lose its identity. The motivational theory most appropriate for Bill to use to encourage the merger is the ERG theory. The ERG theory had three components: existence, relatedness, and growth. Existence consists of the safety and physiological needs of the individual. This includes a person’s physical needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Bill could implement the existence component by listing the benefits that the merger will have on the financial aspects of the merger. Fund raising funding will increase. It was projected that the opera will see a $7,671 increase in fund raising monies. The symphony will see a $23,954 increase in fund raising efforts. Bill can state that the benefits of more effective fund raising will be accomplished by increasing shows to demonstrate to investors and donors. The investment income is also projected to increase: $5,597 for the opera and $2,508 for the symphony. There will be positive revenue for the symphony, which will make the merger more appeasing to the other members. Relatedness consists of self-esteem and social needs. Relatedness consists of a person’s interpersonal needs from personal and professional settings. Relatedness will be demonstrated to the members by the increase of educational experiences that will be

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