Organizational Issues Essay

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Organizational Issues Thelma Woods ETH/316 March 25, 2012 Cassandra Molavrh Organizational Issues Greyston Bakery use ethical principles to address organizational issues. The bakery takes ethical principles quite seriously in the business day-to-day operation. Greyston Bakery incorporates organizational issues into how the business is run. Important Issues The important issues are not how much money Greyston Bakery makes but how involved in the community the company is. The issues the company addresses is within the neighborhood the business operates and Greyston Bakery is willing to fulfill a need within the territory the company functions in. Greyston Bakery provides open hiring, low-income housing, after-school care, and other programs to assist the territory. Greyston Bakery does not use the size or recognition of the company to focus on increasing the profit margin. Greyston Bakery uses the concept of social duty of a company is a successful business. Greyston Bakery uses business for positive influence, not a negative influence. External Social Pressures The external social pressures that can influence organizational ethics are world influences such as: religion, government, and business. Julius Walls, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and President of Greyston Bakery states in the video that in the past religion had an influence as well as government and the major influence on the world today is business. Julius Walls, Jr., states change is accomplished by working with a business community. Greyston Bakery serves the public as businesses should be doing according to Julius Walls, Jr. The social pressures that many companies face do not negatively affect Greyston Bakery. There is not much external social pressure for Greyston Bakery. It is not stated that the social objective the company has in play is a cause of social pressure. Organizational and
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