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Organizational Development Essay

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  • on March 13, 2011
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Organizational Development Paper
Organizations may look for ways to change as a means of survival or simply as a way to be a top competitor in the business world. Organizations search for ways to make changes to their organization through organizational development. “Organizational development is a process by which organizations use the theories and technology of the behavioral sciences to facilitate changes that enhance their effectiveness (Jex & Britt, 2008).” Organizational development focuses on aiding the changes within the organization such as individual development and organizational performance. Organizational development utilizes behavioral science theories and methodology to influence the change in behavior of employees.

Process of Organizational Development

There are three theories for the process of organizational development which are: 1.) Lewin’s Three-Step Model, 2.) The Action Research Model, and 3.) General Systems Theory. The first theory is Lewin’s Three-Step Model the steps are unfreezing, transformation, and refreezing. Unfreezing which is the first step involves the organization recognizing the need for change. According to Lewin’s theory organizations will be unable to make sufficient change if an organization is unable to recognize the need for change. Next is the transformation step, this phase represents the tangible changes that can be made in the way an organization operates. During this phase organizations may choose switch organizational design structures or make or the changes to enhance the jobs or customer service experience. The last step in the model is refreezing. In the refreezing step the changes that were adapted in the transformation phase become a permanent part of the organization’s behavior. In order for refreezing to take place employees must look at the best interest of the organization and the changes that have occurred within the organization.
The Action Research Model for organizational development has...

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