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Organizational Design Vanessa Dumas 514/Managing in Today’s Health Care Organization February 2, 2012 Steve Kovak The design of the organization consists of a process structure to produce employee productivity according to Organization Design Anderson(2009). The deparmental ability to function in today’s electronical world is cruical to its survival . The matrix, virtual, and networking system provide growth in organizational structure. Team based stucture is esstential to the organization. The process in decision making involes several steps, these steps according to Principle of Management( 2012) is defineing the problem, identify limiting factors, develop potiential alternatives, analzing the alternative, implementing the decision, and establishing control and a evaluation system. Organizational size According to Factors affecting Organizational Design has determing factor on the organizational structure. The leading five disiplines are size, enviroment , tecnology, life cycle and enviroment. The bigger an organization the more promblems seems to arrive. The smaller an organization means sometimes having less of a need for structure. A larger organization need more formal rules with a mechanistic system to help optimize effiecny in the workplace. The organization has several cycles. The birth cycle is a beginning stage where the owner usally detemine all decsions in the organization. The youth cycle is the founders mission statement stage, and is usually foocus on customer service. The middle life stage has difficulties maintaing control . This is the machanistic stage perviously mention. The maturity stage bring about stability and seem less likely for change at this point. Defining the problem The labor of the organizational hierarcy divides work amoung the employees. Communication though out the organizational is cruical. The goal

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