Organizational Commitment and Communications

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Organizational Commitment and Communications COM/530 Organizational Commitment and Communication Southwest Airlines Co ("SAC") is one of the largest airlines in the USA. With that being said there are several areas of communication which could infiltrate the organization and either cause the organization to collapse or to thrive. The purpose of this paper is to identify and describe several areas within the organization which can be effected by communication. Explain how different leadership styles would affect group communication in your chosen organization. Leadership style is one of the most important aspects of a business because the style of the leader will directly affect group communication. Leadership style at SAC is crucial because the affect will be seen directly as it relates to the implementation of company goals and the commitment of the company workers to their individual leader's objectives. Specifically, in the airline industry it can become imperative that the leadership style which is exhibited does not appear to be lackadaisical, instead it must focus on obtaining results and encouraging its' employees. Encouragement is especially important within SAC because this industry is full of competitors who may offer the same package and therefore a company has to create unique ways to generate, create and maintain not only employees but customers. There are three main types of leadership styles: authoritarian, participative and delegative. When thinking about which style of leadership would best work for a company, it becomes more important and crucial to think about the different aspects of the company and what is the company trying to achieve before a final decision is made. For example, it is beneficial to understand what each person's motivation is as it relates to being employed for a specific company. At SAC most employees are

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