Organizational Commitment and Communication Essay

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Organizational Commitment and Communication The following will look further at the leadership style and the communication within Southwest Airlines. This will investigate how different leadership styles would affect communication, the culture of the organization and its effects on the organization and commitment of the workforce. Leadership Style “Empathetic leadership under Herb Kelleher and current CEO Gary Kelly is the reason that Southwest Airlines even today has some of the happiest flight attendants in the skies” (Forbes, 2009). After reading this statement, it shows that Southwest Airlines has strong leadership in place and continues to utilize that leadership today. They have found what works to make them successful, keep their employees happy and continue their growth. This is very important for a company, as they need to find a way to achieve all their goals and communicate effectively with their employees. Using their leadership, Southwest has proven that they can work together as a team, continue to make customers happy, and continue to grow. They are considered one of the best in the industry. They treat their employees like family and believe that communication is the key to their success. Gary Kelly, CEO, has said “God gave us two ears and one mouth,” noting that communication is largely about listening. “Leaders need to know when to listen and when to respond (McCombs Today, 2009). It is apparent that communication is a very important part of Southwest Airlines. They have created a leadership that treats their employees as people and has shown that they care. Today, leaders at SWA are tasked with taking care of their employees first. They listen to any suggestions or complaints from their team members and use these to communicate changes that can be made. What they have in place works very well and any if anyone altered
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