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Organizational Commitment And Communcation Essay

  • Submitted by: kwilliams12
  • on November 5, 2011
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Starbucks Organizational Commitment and Communication
Kyitawnaya Williams
A paper
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the
Requirements for COM/530
University of Phoenix Online
Lisa Siegal
October 31, 2011

Organizational Commitment and Communication

      Starbucks Corporation is a billion dollar company in the coffee industry. The company strives to promote development and training, supportive working environment, and effective management. The success of Starbucks is accredited to their respect of their employees and their leadership style. The most common types of leadership styles are Autocratic, Bureaucratic, Charismatic, Participative, Laissez-faire, Transactional, and Transformational. A few of these styles would fit in well with Starbucks culture and environment.
At Starbucks if the leadership style used was autocratic, the communication is one sided that the leaders must follow as directed. If the leadership style was bureaucratic, the leader will highlight Starbucks procedures which every employee must follow. Any infraction from the rules would invite reprimands (Read. P, O, 2006). A charismatic leader will emanate charm and energy to the employees. His or her personal attention will have the effect of energizing the staff empowering them to put forth more efforts to achieve Starbucks goals. If the leadership style is participative the leaders will invite the partners to contribute to the decision-making process. The leader will invite suggestions from the partners and temporary workers so that he or she obtains the opinion from different levels of the company. This style of leadership has a two way communication theme as the leader is obtaining suggestions about the decor of the stores, the menu, and the discount schemes. Another leadership style is Lasses-Faire the leader will not interfere in the work of Starbucks partners (Miner, J2005). The leader will monitor what is happening at different stores of Starbucks and will communicate...

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