Organizational Commitment Essay

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ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT Organizational Commitment Jana S. Ferris Walden University Abstract Organization commitment is a construct that measures the relationship one has with the organization with which one works. This construct has been reduced to three components that represent the emotional attachment, or affective commitment, economic need, or continuance commitment, and societal norms, or normative attachment. Many researchers have sought to develop various instruments for measuring commitment and determining its relationship with various constructs that seek to explain why an employee chooses to remain with the organization. A thorough understanding of these components and their influence on work constructs may result in greater productivity and improved working conditions. This paper will conclude with an examination of future research needs. Organizational Commitment Employers are often searching for those key elements that work to encourage workers to remain with the company and continue functioning in productive ways to ensure continued profit for the organization (Allen & Meyer, 1990). One source of information can be found through the study of organizational commitment. Early study of commitment primarily utilized a definition provided by Mowday, Steers, & Porter (1979) which explains it “involves an active relationship with the organization such that individuals are willing to give something of themselves in order to contribute to the organizations well-being” (p. 226). For the purpose of this paper, however, Herscovitch & Meyer’s (2001) definition of commitment as “a force that binds an individual to a course of action of relevance to one or more targets” (p. 301) will be used. This presentation of organizational commitment will begin with a discussion focused on the early groundwork for the study
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