Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational change plan- Part II EMR Linda Adkins HCS/587 March 11, 2013 Rochelle Robinson-Levant Organizational change plan- Part II EMR Change to electronic medical records for a small hospital in Pennsylvania like many other hospitals has been a challenge. Prior to implementing this change, the management has had to look at the importance of the EMR system and the issues that will need to be considered while putting the EMR system into place. To put the EMR system into place, hospital management will need to study the barriers and look at issues that may affect the application of the system. They also should look at the factors that could impact the readiness of the implementation of the system. Management will likewise need to look at the internal and external means to support the application of EMR at the hospital. The Chief Executive Officer of Health South Sewickley is Leah Laffey. Sewickley is located approximately 20 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where there are larger hospitals. HVHS.(n. d.).”Heritage Valley Sewickley is a 186 bed hospital located in Sewickley, PA.”(p. 1). The hospital offers complete care for the Allegheny, Beaver, and Butler county population. The hospital is part of the Heritage Valley Health System that provides health care to the entire southwestern Pennsylvania region, eastern Ohio and the West Virginia panhandle. The hospital has more than 4300 employees and offers medical, surgical, and diagnostic services. The facility is faced with changes that include the EMR system that is a large change and a huge financial undertaking. The first thing that management at Sewickley Valley Hospital looked at was to study the thinking of change in small shared groups. While researching, the group came across McClelland’s Three Needs Theory. The principal behind this theory was that change would be
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