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Organizational Change Plan Part II In today’s modern world organizational change is a reality and this reality won’t be changing anytime too soon. “If anything, organizations can expect to face the need for even more change in the future, at an ever faster pace,” (Taylor, 1984). At other times new leadership comes into an organization with a new plan as to how the organization will or should function. To avoid gross changes throughout an organization careful planning of the purposed change need to be implemented. Implementing and monitoring an organizational change is a difficult and a critical task. It has never been easy and is getting more so with the accelerated rate of changes in many organizations. “Whether the change is being forced by external issues or being brought about internally by leadership decisions, most people seem to resist change even if they agree it is needed,” (Burnes, 2009, p. 376). There are different tools used to monitor the purpose change in an organization such as interviews, observation, comprehensive questionnaires, surveys and diagnostic models such as the change monitor tool created by created by Killian Bennebroek Gravenhorst, a member of the International Council on Organizational Change. The Burn Unit is in the process in implementing the purpose change of Team Nursing discussed in the previous paper and has formed two teams who will be the test pilot team. This purposed change will take into affect the latter part of next month. This purposed change has also brought forth a lot of confusion, miscommunication, anger, and disruption to some nursing care. Having a change monitor as suggested by Killian Gravenhorst should be useful and helpful in monitoring the progress in the Burn Unit and hopefully get everyone on the same sheet of music. The Change Monitor was developed to help organizations deal with purposed

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