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Leading and Managing Change in Your Organization Chris Ugenyi March 21, 2015 Leading and Managing Change in Your Organization Introduction High school exit exams are one of the most enthusiastically debated controversies in the high school educational system in the United States. These tests intend to verify that graduating students had grasped the core curriculum, and prepare for postsecondary education (Cannon, 2006). The use of exit exams is an off shoot of the standards movement and has developed as a policy tool proposed to encourage enhancement among schools and students. Some opinion in the business sector sees the exams as quality control for high school diplomas (Examining Exit Exams, 2005). However, the test has caused far more impediments than the test-takers and the administrators envisaged, advocated by the Center on Education Policy (CEP) (Cannon, 2006). A study using more than 25 years of data proposes that state exit exams are tending to lesser high school graduation rates. The high-stakes tests are also prompting more students to take a General Educational Development or GED qualification (Robelen, 2006). Many states that needed exit exams have adjusted their regular firm requisites to permit more opportunity for students, according to CEP. The first-try passage rate in some states is between 70 percent and 90 percent, but is much lower in several states. White students and Asian students usually score higher than Blacks and Hispanics on the tests, leading some to suggest that the exams suffer from the same social prejudices that have overwhelmed college admissions tests for decades. Kelsey Unified School District Analysis The percentage of students that passed English language arts and Mathematics in Kelsey Schools Exit Exam is 60 percent, number of students that failed English language arts and Mathematics is 28 percent, numbers that

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