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Organizational Change Plan II Dr. Margaret Walker Monitoring change processes throughout implementation will determine the success of the organizational change, unexpected problems, and present possible solutions to a problem that may arise within the change. St. Mary’s Hospital recently employed two information system specialists to instruct nursing staff on health care informatics and medical records on how to scan and file through medical records, based on each unit that has admissions. The scanned information was electronically submitted into the computer system archive for patients to access for a small fee. Technology for patient and client management is changing health care facilities. Health care informatics “incorporates theories from information, science, computer science, and cognitive sciences” (Englebardt & Nelson, 2002, p. 37). The computerized health care informatics allows professionals to use theories, along with data, Information, and Knowledge (DIK) Model to lead their practice, this helps to support clinically practiced work and how healthcare is delivered. Englebardt and Nelson define each model starting with personal but basic information, such as the name of a person, their weight, and age. Information is a collection of data that has been processed and displayed as information. The collection of data begins with the patient’s health history, surgical history, medication list, diet, and any other pertinent information used while caring for patient. Knowledge is when data and information are identified and the relationships between the data and information are formalized. After knowledge and history of the patient has been combined, a diagnosis can be formed and health care workers will establish the type of care that is best for that patient

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