Organizational Behaviour Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 1 | People, work & Organizations(MGMT20124) | Prepared and submitted by | | | Executive Summary This paper examines the role of individual and organizational factors on intention to leave the job using the case of George at ABC Company. The report shows that in an organization employees usually do not leave their job at spur of the moment because of dissatisfaction with the existing condition instead their decision to leave often progresses from the thoughts of quitting to actually taking steps to find an alternative position (Harrington, Bean, Pintello, & Mathews, 2001).Employees who intend to leave may change their minds from leaving, determining the role of individual factors such as job stress and managers support. Hence, the report attempts to show why it is necessary to recognize the relationship between employee and the organizational behaviour. Why organizational justice is necessary? And why motivation is a key factor. The working environment where George is working and the output refers to the effect of work environment on the employee performance and the workers attitudes towards their managers, co-workers and organizations. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Problems 5 Theories 5 Suggestions 5 Conclusions 5 References 5 Introduction In today’s world the working environment has long been recognized as having a reflective effect on employee performance. The attitudes of the employee toward their managers and organization are usually reflected in their output. Elements that affect employee productivity can be regarded as one of the topics of interest to both the managers and the employee themselves. It has been said in various theories that the idea that through increasing job motivation or job satisfaction, output also increases. The outputs of various studies suggest a relationship between job

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