organizational behaviour Essay

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Introduction In our life, in general, we are always deciding something . We are faced with questions such as which emails to answer, which house to buy and where, what job to take, what major study to choose, whom to marry, etc. In the business life, Managerial Decision Making is always about one thing: decision making. Managerial decision making, as defined by Warren Weber, is “the process by which managers respond to opportunities and threats by analyzing options and making decisions about goals and courses of actions.” (Warren Weber) This paper examines the decision-making process, discusses different models of decision making and demonstrates some ways for effective managerial decision making. The business outcome is a result of either a bad decision or a good one. But what does it take to make a "good" decision? As Ed Koch puts it in clear perspective by asking: Is it about going by facts and percentages or about following your gut instinct? Does time produce better decisions, or does pressure make you decide not only faster but also more wisely? And finally, is better decision making something that you can learn? References Carter McNamara. (1997), Basic Guidelines to Problem Solving and Decision Making Free Management Library, Minnesota: Authenticity Consulting, LLC. Anna Muoio. (1998), Decisions, Decisions. New York: fast Company Magazine. Warren Weber, Managerial Decision Making. Irwin/McGraw Hill. (Presentation, August, 2000) R. Richard Ritti – Steve Levy, (2007), The Ropes to Skip and the Ropes to

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