Organizational Behaviour Essay

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Organizational Behavior Describe how principles of Reinforcement and Punishment are used in Management Training Programs. Justify with examples. Training Programs are very essential. The aim of these management training programs is to make employees learn so that they can successfully manage and perform their jobs. To ensure that learning is being done certain conditions must be present i.e.; providing opportunities to employees to practice and receive feedback. Secondly, purposeful and meaningful content should be provided for training and lastly, allowing trainees to learn through trial and error. Learning is a very important aspect of these programs, to focus on learning it is important to focus on the learning outcomes. Learning outcomes should later be linked with what is required of an employee to successfully perform the job. Various theories define how people learn. One of these theories is the Reinforcement theory. Reinforcement theory was proposed by BF Skinner. It states that individual’s are motivated to perform or avoid certain behaviors due to past experiences. Also, behavior is a function of its consequences. It is based on “law of effect”, i.e., individual’s behaviour with positive consequences tends to be repeated, but individual’s behaviour with negative consequences tends not to be repeated. Reinforcement theory includes four types. These types are usually used by managers for controlling the behavior of the employees. | Positive Reinforcement- This implies giving a positive response when an individual shows positive and required behaviour. For example - Immediately praising an employee for coming early for work. This will increase probability of outstanding behaviour occurring again. Reward is a positive reinforce, but not necessarily. If and only if the employees’ behaviour improves, reward can said to be a positive

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