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MULTISKILLING IN THE HEALTH SECTOR Table of Contents Abstract The purpose of this paper is to determine the reasons for the failure by NHS in trying to implement generic or multiskilled working. The paper essentially undertakes research into four areas of Organization Behaviour, which the writer believes the management of the NHS Trust needed to focus on in an effort to successfully implement the required changes. The majority of the information in this paper will be taken from textbook information, and other information from articles and academic journals. This paper will explore what authors and theorists have contributed in the areas of Organizational Behaviour as they relate to the case. After a thorough perusal of the case, it was found that NHS had issues with Change Management, Motivation, Leadership, and Organizational Culture. Conclusions and recommendations came about by analysis and discussion of major works in the areas identified above. 1.0 Organizational Behaviour According to Mullins (2010), Organizational behaviour is concerned with the study of the behaviour of people within an organizational setting. It involves the understanding, prediction and control of human behaviour 1.1 Need for the Study The rationale of this study is to analyse the reasons for the failure of the NHS to implement Multiskilling within its structure. 1.2 Structure of the NHS According to Mintzberg, as cited by Cole (2000 p.170) an organization structure is: ‘the sum total of ways in which it divides its labour into distinct tasks and then achieves coordination between them.’ An attempt was made at producing such a structure for the NHS from information gathered in the case. NHS Trust X-ray Clinical Finance HRM Site Services Hotel Services Other Services Porter Managers Supervisors Domestic Supervisors Porters Domestic

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