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Cranfield School of Management Organizational Behaviour Andrzej Huczynski and David Buchanan Financial Times Prentice Hall 2007 ISBN: 9781405887717 Theme of the Book Designed as an introductory text for students new to the subject, this comprehensive study of Organisational Behaviour theory and practice has plenty to offer seasoned managers and will bring them up-to-date on current thinking in a lively and thought-provoking way. Topics range widely to cover, for example, communication, team and individual working, organization structures and processes, politics, change management and leadership. Topics are organised around themes: • • • • • • The organizational context Individuals in the organization Groups and teams in the organization Organization structures Organization processes Organization management Cranfield School of Management Organizational Behaviour: An Introductory Text Key Learning Points Provides insight into a wide range of subjects within the field of Organizational Behaviour including: • • • • • The complex nature of technology on today’s world of work Why it may be time for organizations to slow down the pace of change How visionary leaders can do more harm than good Why political savvy may be more important today than ever before How to interpret the post-modern business Knowledge Interchange Book Summaries Page 2 Cranfield School of Management Organizational Behaviour: An Introductory Text Challenging Issues The book introduces readers to key new thinking in a number of areas. These include: • New HRM is old hat – are we simply repackaging century-old practices today? • Networking, not working – the problems of co-ordination and communication in the virtual world • You talk, I’ll try not

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