Organizational Behaviour Essay

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Organizational Behaviour Functional and dysfunctional conflicts can be differentiated by understanding the effect that it has on accomplishing of a particular out come. 1Dysfunctional conflicts occur when it becomes impossible to achieve an objective this situation rises when the individual are unable to develop a course of action as there may a communication gap among them whereas functional conflict serve as positive change agent as a result of which an effective way to achieve the objective is developed, thus functional conflict is positive in nature where as dysfunction conflict is negative in nature and function conflict facilitate decision making where as dysfunctional conflict disrupt decision making. The relative language skills of a particular country and ability of individual to coupe up as well as understanding of cultural differences are the most important skills that expatriates need to develop to ensure success. The language skills enable the individual in handling routine work tasks by understanding other point of view as well as explaining his point of view to others this will help to bridge communication gaps that may rise due to poor understanding of daily routine work communications. The ability of individual to cope up as well as understanding of cultural differences help to identify different cultural elements that exist in organization as well as in the country at early stages and then can alter his behavior and work activities accordingly . The expansion of MNC in global market has made cross cultural training important pre requisite for today organizations. The type of cross cultural training selected should be having a main focus of reducing the chances of cultural shock as well as effectively dealing with the situation. The selection of type of cross cultural training does not rest only on the scope of different training method but the

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