Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Essay

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| | | Organizational Behavior terminology and concepts Organizational Behavior Over the years the focus of companies and businesses has changed as a result of the demands of society. In the past, businesses operated as machines with little regard for the employees; however recently employees have gained recognition as valuable assets. As a result manager faced alterations such as increased responsibility and strict enforcements of standards of behavior. The demands for managerial interpersonal interactions means that management is no longer based on technical aspects alone instead managers must have the ability to provide subordinates with leadership, direction, and the skills to increase productivity. Presently, manager require additional training to meet management requirements a percentage of the training focuses organizational behavior and culture because to lead effectively and motivate managers must first understand the aspects of human behavior. The following briefly describe some of the terms and concepts used in the study organizational behavior as well the paper explains some examples of organizational culture. Organizational behavior Organizational behavior is defined as the study of individuals and groups in organizations. Organizational behavior focuses on the actions of people in an organization and how those actions affect the organizations performance. The concept of organizational behavior is that the performance of an organization will increase with understanding and control of employee behavior. For example, an organization possessing an issue with employee absentees will use organizational behavior to determine the correct course of action for reduce absentees. Organizational culture Organizational culture is described as a macro phenomenon of patterns of beliefs, informal values, and norms that control how people in an
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