Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Essay

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Ruby Morgan MGT/307 November 21, 2011 Paul Freeman Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Gaining knowledge and understanding of organizational behavior terminology and concepts will be beneficial in aspects of management whatever type of organization is involved. Two organizational terms and concepts will be outlined in the following paragraphs, organizational behavior and diversity. Organizational behavior can be defined as the study of the individuals and groups making up an organization (Hunt, Osborn, & Shermerhon, 2003). Studying organizational behavior is vital in maintaining organizational productivity and a healthy profit margin (Hunt, Osborn, & Shermerhon, 2003). Wise employers will not assume to know what workers want from their jobs or their concerns in regard to the organization, but will develop methods to understand and address the desires and concerns of the workers. Employees are motivated by different elements such as praise, pay incentives, family time, and job security. Organizational concerns may include such factors as use of outdated systems or equipment, lack of communication, and sudden changes in management. Organizational behavior is influenced by the diversity of the individuals and groups within the organization blended together to form the culture of the organization. The traits of the individuals in regard to ethics, motivation, goals, and leadership become the foundation for the culture of the organization. Diversity in the workplace has increased as moral and social responsibilities have focused on adding different ethnic groups and women have become more active in the business arena. Laws have changed to demand equal opportunity for minorities at the same time technology has increased the marketplace to world wide. In order to meet the competitive factors of
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