Organizational Behavior Paper

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Organizational Behavior Paper Alisha J. Simental MGT/312 Wellington Williams June 29, 2015 Organizational Behavior Paper Have you ever wondered what makes an organization successful inside and out? Is there some secret that one company has that others do not? Each company’s managers play an important and active role in the overall success and. The key or most important part of the equation is how the company is organized within. Each business has the potential to be successful and meet goals if it is organized to maximum performance. This paper is going to discuss main components of organizational behavior, performance within that organization examples, and benefits as a manger having that knowledge. Organizational Behavior Components In order to understand what main components make up organizational behavior we need to have a clear understanding of the definition of each word themselves. Organizations are made up of a group of individuals whom are working towards the same goals of the company. Behavior is how an individual manages themselves towards others. So Organization behavior studies “the impact individuals, groups, and structures have on human behavior within an organization.” (Bozeman, 1983) There are three main components that make up organizational behavior; individuals, groups, and the organizational process. If one really thinks about it how and where each employee is places plays an important role in team work and achieving the max amount of work from each individual. In each situation one may react, think, and response different from others in the same environment. Each component works together to achieve the same end. (George, 2012) Components Relate to Work Place I’m currently employed at Evenflow, which is a factory that produces infant products like car seats. Currently at my factory there is about four hundred

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