Organizational behavior and management Essay

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Organizational behavior and management Introduction With recent technological advancements in such areas as information systems, manufacturing processes, inventory management, and service delivery, the management thought is changing overtime and teamwork skills is more and more important. However, there is no one best way to organize how a business operates. Each organization has to address its own unique set of circumstances. This paper will discuss about the teamwork and explain the contingency model constructed from four perspectives of management thought and apply it to your current organization. Teamwork and management According to Ledford and Lawler (1994), “management is becoming less of process replying on top-down command and control, where managers have all the power and non-managerial employees have little say in what they do”. Empowerment- grouping employees into teams, and then giving those teams responsibility for self-management activities- is now a modern trend. Teams are an integral part of the management process in many organizations today. In fact, now many big companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, and General Motors have been using teams as a primary means of accomplishing tasks for many years. Compared with traditional department, team is an organization of people limited that finish some specific goal. In fact, team’s goal is to solve a specific problem or finish some specific function. All members in team make effort to a common object. Obviously, it is a much effective way of organizing work. In Vietnam, more and more enterprises began to use the kind of way to improve operation efficiency. The following I will give a real case analysis about a team that I have worked in. According to the teamwork, I will give a real situation in Vietnamese teamwork now. And I will analyze the problem existing and development trend. A major

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