Organizational Behavior Job Satisfaction Essay

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A discussion about an incident of job satisfaction in EVA AIR Corporation There are four responses for an employee to react to their job dissatisfaction, which differ along two dimensions: constructive/destructive and active/passive. The four responses are Exit, Voice, Loyalty and Neglect. I have worked in the Cargo Operation Department in EVA AIR Corporation for about one year. In my whole working experience in EVA AIR, I have also met many dissatisfaction in my workplace. It is hard to use only one response to explain comprehensively when I have the feeling of dissatisfaction. So I think I usually have constructive and active attitude toward the feeling of dissatisfaction, which means I like to use voice and loyalty to solve my problems. Let me get down to discuss an incident at EVA AIR and how I used the constructive attitude to solve the problems of the job dissatisfaction. Firstly, I still need to introduce briefly about the cargo division and the relations of two department of cargo division. That will let you understand the dissatisfaction I discuss later more easily. Cargo division has two Departments to make our cargo services more efficiently. One is business department and another is cargo operation department which I worked in it. The business department is in charge of connecting with the customers of cargo agency. They bring customers and shipment of commodities to our corporation and negotiate with them to place an shipping space order in each flight. After their attractions, our operation department take the mission and then to operate a flight including space booking, balance, inspect the leftovers in warehouse, supervise air-unloading and air-loading, write the NOTOC, manage the ULDs and so forth. The working nature of the two department of cargo division are totally different. Yet we have to

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