Organizational Behavior Assignment Essay

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Organizational culture is commonly developed among many businesses and companies. It’s prevalent for organizations to develop an organizational culture in order to have cooperation, compliance and unity. Organizational culture contributes to the decision making process of hiring new employees into the industry. Gomez-Mejia & Balkin states, “Organizational culture is a system of shared values, assumptions, beliefs, and norms that unite the members of an organization. Organizational culture reflects employees’ views about “the way things are done around here.” The culture specific to each firm affects how employees feel and act and the type of employee hired and retained by the company.” Kudler Fine Foods is an industry that has built its company surrounding the idea of an organizational culture. There are three levels of culture that are involved and contribute to an organizational culture: visible culture, espoused values and core beliefs. Gomez-Mejia & Balkin states, “The most obvious level consists of visible culture that an observer can hear, feel, or see. Aspects of visible culture include how people dress…” Kudler Fine Foods is an illustration of the visible culture. Personal appearance is significant to the culture of Kudler Find Foods. Kudler reports “Personal appearance means how you dress, how neat you are, and your personal cleanliness standards. Your personal appearance can influence what customers and visitors think about KFF. Personal appearance can also impact the morale of your co-workers.” Due to management and employee relation and interaction most organizations have espoused values. Gomez-Mejia & Balkin states, “At a deeper level, espoused values are not readily observed but instead are the way managers and employees explain and justify their actions and decisions.” Kudler Find Foods are engaged in implementing and maintaining espoused values

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