Organizational Behavior Analysis

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Abstract This case study is about a detailed analysis of Hitashi, Inc. (HIT), which provides the most innovative online ethics training programs to different businesses. The case study includes the analysis of recently retired CEO’s leadership style, the power structure, communication patterns and organizational culture at HIT. Based on this information, an action plan is devised for the newly appointed CEO, Mary Elliot. The action plan includes the leadership style, communication patterns and a list of priorities she needs to address for initial six months. This research is based on the limited information perceived from Mary Elliot’s interviews with the key managers of the organization and two focus groups of employees. So the analysis and action plan is bases on this information. A Review of the Case Study Hitashi, Inc. (HIT), founded by Fred Lominson in 2001, provides online learning platform to provide ethics training programs in banking and finance industries. HIT has seen a steady growth till the banking crisis in 2007, after which there was an exponential growth in its business. Mary Elliot has recently joined HIT last month after the retirement of former CEO, Jack Sherman, who retired in December 2011 due to his health issues. After joining HIT, Mary started interviewing the key members of the leadership staff to understand their points of view on the company culture. Then she held two focused groups with fifteen members each. The group members were selected across the organization to get a better understanding from all types of employees. The purpose of this case study is to analyze the feedback Mary received from the key members and the focus groups to understand the current organizational culture by understanding the following items: 1. Former CEO’s leadership style 2. Organizational power structure 3. Current communication patterns 4.
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