Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior Andrea Stith Organizational Behavior for Managers / MGT/312 March 30, 2015 Professor Malanie Behunin Title of Paper Organizational behavior is more than a simple definition, there are many angles this phrase can be looked at from. It is something that is a part of every business no matter what type of business it is. Everyone is curious to know what the next person is thinking or they may even think they have an idea already. In some cases this may be true and in others it may not be. I say this because everyone is different and not everyone is as predictable as we may feel and we all don’t think the same. Definition Organizational behavior is a compound word that puts two definitions together because just looking at the word, it can be seen as the study of behavior in an organization and that wouldn’t be helpful at all. (Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior 6th edition, 2012). It is best to look at the definition separately to get a better understanding. The organization is the company or group as a whole and behavior is the actions of the individual so together this would mean the study of the actions of each individual in the group or company. This makes it a little less complicated to understand the meaning because everyone has an idea of what is stated. The main components of organizational behavior would be the individuals and the behavior that is displayed. Many people look at others and when they are in a situation, they may look at a person and say “If I were them I would do this or that” but that isn’t factual because the person may not have been in that situation before so they aren’t sure how they would react especially if it is a in the heat of the moment or they are under pressure. We all have different reactions to different scenarios. Organizational Behavior in my

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