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WEEK 1 CHAPTER 1: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTRACT & COMMITMENT What is an Organization? - Organizations: a consciously coordinated social unit, composed of a group of people, that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals; examples: schools, charities, sports teams, etc. - Organizational behavior: a field of study that investigates the impact of individuals, groups, and structure on behaviour within organizations; its purpose is to apply such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness, and to understand and predict human behavior. - Basic OB model and the challenges at each level: a) Challenges at the individual level: - Individual differences - Job satisfaction - Motivation - Empowerment: managers asked to share more of their power with their employees; giving employees more responsibility for what they do - Behaving ethically; ethics: study of moral values or principles that guide our behaviours and inform us whether actions are right or wrong b) Challenges at the group level: - Working with others - Workforce diversity: mix of people in organizations in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, demographic characteristics, such as education and socio-economic status; also generational mix c) Challenges at the organizational level: Use of temporary (contingent) employees Improving quality and productivity: productivity: performance measure including effectiveness (achievement of goals) and efficiency (ratio of effective work output to the input required to produce the work) Developing effective employees: - Organizational citizenship: discretionary behaviour that is not part of an employee’s formal job requirement, but that nevertheless promotes effective functioning of the organization, ex. Staying late, helping others, etc. Putting

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