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MGT 110 Organizational Behavior Chapter 1 Review Questions 1. Define organizational behavior. What is its focus? Organizational Behavior is the study of individual behavior and group dynamics in an organization. The study of Organizational Behavior is primarily concerned with the psychosocial, interpersonal, and behavioral dynamics in organizations. However, organizational variables that affect human behavior at work are also relevant to the study of organizational behavior. These organizational variables include jobs, the design of work, communication, performance appraisal, organizational design, and organizational design. 2. Identify the four action steps for responding positively to change. The four action steps for responding positively to change is 1) Having a positive attitude 2) Asking questions 3) Listening to the answers 4) and be committed to change. 3. What is an organization? What are its four system components? Give an example of each. Organizations are open systems of interacting components, including people, tasks, technology, and structure. The four main system components of an organization are, TASK (which states the mission, purpose, or goal of an existing organization) PEOPLE (are considered human resources of an organization) TECHNOLOGY (is a wide range of tools as well as knowledge, and techniques that are used to transform inputs into outputs) STRUCTURE (involves the systems of communication, authority and roles, and workflow) 4. Briefly describe the elements of the formal and informal organizations. Give examples of each Formal Organization is the official, legitimate and most visible part that enables people to think of organizations in logical and rational ways. An example of Formal Organization would be goals and objectives, policies and procedures, job descriptions, financial resources, authority

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