Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior Hamilton Randle BUS610: Organizational Behavior Josephine Carola February 26, 2012 Organizational Behavior In this day and age our country has been separated by all different types of cultures. Since generations have become more open and broad towards new things the culture of change has grew. In the older days culture mostly focused on the color of your skin and the gender you are. Now that the world is changing the color of your skin is still a high priority but now its more on the things you like. The world culture has become such a rounded out word that its harder to define. This in my eyes has made the world easier to accept diversity. Diversity is a true word of compassion and openness. Whether its your sex, gender, age, race, or even your local biker club. All of those things are example of what people can become diverse about. In the late 70’s and early 80’s the biggest thing going on was people dating outside of there culture or race. People showing diversity in the things that they like. It started to become common in the 80’s to see two people from different spectrums of the earth joined at the hip. Some people say that racism can end by showing and believing in diversity. I’m one of those people. If we start to look at each other by name instead of race than we can cut the labeling. We all have different qualities in our personalities but that is what makes us unique. When you think about how people say “I stick to my own kind”, that’s a huge reason for the problems Americans have today. We as a country have formed a culture for ourselves. We call it patriotism. We believe in our country more than anything and we worship our flag. That’s our portion of diversity. I like to write Americans as a whole because it doesn’t matter where you from or how you were raised we all represent our country. So my

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