Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior and Concepts Franklin W. Hammer II MGT/307 11/07/2011 Kristen Schretzenmayer Organizational Behavior and Concepts Organizations culture is a combination of learned practices and ways of dealing with specific situations. A company or organization will develop this behavior in a similar way to the way a person will develop their personality. Both create their personas by overcoming the obstacles that they encounter in life. It is in this learning that best practices are learned and systems are developed to deal with all future interactions. The pressures that press on a company or organization not only come externally, but internal pressures also play a big role in the development. Different organizations face different types of pressures internally such as the difficulty of keeping employees. There are companies that do whatever it takes to prevent their employees from failing. There are also companies that face turnover head on and nearly thrive upon it. An external force that a company can experience is competition. Competition is typically healthy for all parties. It generally causes the best product to be produced with the corporations or organizations providing the best service or value to attract consumers. One field this seems to be lacking is politics. Competition is considered to be obtrusive and unwanted in this area. The only way to combat the forces of competition is negativity. Instead of working harder and doing the best work possible, most electoral candidates deal with their competition by publicly destroying the reputation of their competition. Organizational Behavior is the study of organizational systems and structures to define how and why they work. The study of organizational behavior helps to show that as opposed to one rigid set of rules and regulations, there is a fluid and less defined structure emerging in

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