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GM 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior Project Proposal Overview of Organization The company being used for my proposal is Cassens Transportation. Cassens is one of many car haul companies who is a subsidiary of the big three auto makers, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors and is also part of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. They are responsible for transporting new vehicles to dealers across the country. Cassens was established in the early 1940’s and is still the only family owned car haul company in this division and have managed to be the top car hauling company for years. Many of the other companies have completely closed their doors, which has resulted in most of their employees being laid off for long periods of time and in many cases never called back. I have worked for Cassens since 1999 and have also been a paying union member. When I first became employed, there were bonuses every three years if we agreed upon a contract, which no longer exists after the auto industry fallout. Rewards for accomplishments each term were given in recognition for not having an accident or not having damages or write ups, which no longer exists. Those were great motivation factors that provided incentives to employees to be damage and accident free. In this business it’s almost impossible to never have damage, but depending on your previous record it was possible for some damages to be written off. Cassens has gone through some major changes since the automotive industry bottomed out including considering selling the company and closing many terminals. Cassens also has left many employees without employment while some have relocated to terminals that are still operating. Bailing out the auto makers has helped the company thrive but the change in management has fallen drastically. Management changes have caused employees to dictate how the company is

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