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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper Arthur King July 17, 2010 MGT/307 INTRODUCTION Have you ever been in a work environment that had diversity in it? How well was the interaction with the clash of cultures? My experience involved working with multi cultures. I was thrilled to get the experience of interacting with all types of race, color, creeds, and genders. I was a part of the Unites States Air Force. This organization taught me the concepts that helped me to understand different cultures and how to interact with them. ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE According to Business Dictionary, organizational culture is defined as the values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. My organizational emphasized this concept by placing all types of people in different work places to socially interact. By exposing us to the difference in culture, we were able to establish a common ground and set boundaries that we agreed with. We were able to put our differences in culture aside to adapt to what the image of organization was. This allowed us to complete tasks easily, and form a bond with each other as we progressed. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Organizational behavior is essential to the employee because it is displays how well the employee reacts to the environment through individual attitude and actions. The employees had no choice but to conform to what the organization’s image was or punitive actions would be inflicted. My organization had no problem with making examples of those individuals that did not perform in ways that were conducive to the company. In order for the company to thrive, the workers had to work in one accord. The strategy to achieve this utopia was to pair groups of people into an element. From there, we were taught how to conduct ourselves properly in the

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