Organizational Analysis Of The Longaberger Basket

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Organizational Analysis of the Longaberger Basket Company November 7, 2009 BSAD F5WW 312 Jacqueline Hagerott Franklin University Organizational Analysis of the Longaberger Basket Company The Longaberger Basket Company is a privately-held, direct-sales marketing company specializing in baskets and traditional home decorative accessories. The company's manufacturing and administrative facilities are located in Newark and Dresden, Ohio. The Dresden, Ohio location has been developed into a tourist destination. The company's products are sold directly to customers at home through a sales force of 70,000 Independent Sales Associates. The most prominent of the company's attractions is the corporate headquarters, where 500 people work within a seven-story building shaped like one of the company's products. The Longaberger Co. makes about nine million handwoven baskets annually at its manufacturing plant near Dresden, Ohio. With a total of more than 80 styles, the baskets are sold by independent sales consultants who hold in-home shows in living rooms across the country in all 50 states. Longaberger also sells fabrics, pottery, window treatments and wrought-iron home accessories. The company's home office is a replica of a seven-story Market Basket with two 75-ton handles on top. The Longaberger Homestead and the Longaberger Golf Club are two tourist attractions featuring 34 acres of shopping, dining, golf and entertainment. Dave Longaberger credits his business success to lessons learned from his parents and his personal work experiences - not formal education. Having repeated much of his elementary and middle school years, Dave knew early on he was not scholar material. Dave faced other challenges in his young life such as a stuttering problem, epilepsy, and being one of 12 children in a home with one bathroom (Longaberger and Williford, 1994). Dave began

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