Organization Behavior-Lean on Me

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Personality Type Discussion based on the movie “Lean on me” From the movie I have watched, I choose the person named Mrs.Joan Levias who is a vice principle of Eastside High School. In my opinion, her personality type is E for Extravert, S for Sensing, F for Feeling and P for Perceiving. I think she might be extravert because from the scene as Mr.Clark is walking down a hallway, she is running up to him and ask to talk to him and also from a lot of scene, you will see that she always wait and ask to talk when she has a content that she wants Mr.Clark to notify. So she might be a kind of person that like communicate verbally, speak freely and seek interaction. Next, she is practical, focuses on details, pays attention to physical reality, what she see, hear and touch. She is concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real as she feels that her student are not ready to take the basic skill test from the result she saw from the practice version and she likes to work step by step as she let the score of practice version come by its schedule. She refuses to hasten for the result while Mr.Clark orders to do that. So I can imply that she is a sensing from above detail. Then, Mrs.Levias likes focus on colleagues and students. She always uses feeling and thinks about impact that could happen to the people she cares about. She likes harmony. You can see from the movie in the scene that she disagree with Mr.Clark's methods that always blame everyone whatever they do and she doesn’t like his order that fires one teacher and suspends another for clashing with him in front of the students. She cares about their feeling that those teacher work with school for long time. She also cares about her students too. She tells Mr.Clark that they are not ready to take basic skill test even if the fact that they have to because it comes to the deadline. She also says that she’s
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