Organization Behavior Essay

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Organization behavior Introduction: Most of the problems that face managers are mostly described as people problems . they talk about their bosses, poor communication skills, lack of motivation, employee resistance to a company reorganization, and similar concerns. Even though the need of people skills has been there for long time, surprisingly courses of people skills have recently became an important part of business schools.(OB) Over the past two decades, business schools have come to understand that human behavior plays a big role in manager’s effectiveness. As the director of the leadership at the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT)”MBA student may get by on their technical and quantitive skills. But soon, leadership and communication skills come to the fore in distinguishing the managers whose career really take of.”(OB) In addition to solving problems, interpersonal skills are required to get and keep high performing employees. Regardless of the market conditions, high performers are always needed in the market; therefore, a good work environment will make it easier for organizations to recruit and keep high performers. A subject that study people at work is refered to as ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR.(which is my topic). Organization behavior studies the influence that individuals, groups, and organizational structure have on behavior within organizations. Some of the topics that are covered in organization behavior are: motivation, leadership, interpersonal communication, group structure, change process, conflict and negotiation, and more. In today’s world business competition, understanding the organizational behavior is a must for any organization in order to be able to compete. In our project, we will define some of the major terms in organization behavior, and then include interviews with three managers in different sectors of the Saudi market.

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