Organization and Retention of Jc's Casino Essay

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Organization and Retention of JC’s Casino Psy435 Running a business takes hard work, devotion, a well trained staff, and the desire to succeed. The following paper will examine two theories that can help the owner(s) or supervisor(s) of a company to motivate their employees for success. It will also examine the stressors involved when an organization experiences a lack of proper supervision and a deficiency in staff and recruitment. Finally, a look at how the ability to promote job satisfaction is essential for growth. Motivational Theories Reinforcement Theory One motivational theory that can help retain employees is the reinforcement theory. This theory is based on the assumption that an individual has previous experience with the reward system. One of the major principles behind the reinforcement theory is the concept of the law of effect (Spector, 2012). The law of effect is based on reinforcement, whether positive or negative. This law states that when an individual expresses a behavior or action that is then praised or rewarded then there is a greater chance for that particular behavior to be repeated. On the other hand if an individual performs an action and is then punished then that action is less likely to occur again in the future. The management at JC’s Casino should consider using the reinforcement theory in order to help the housekeeping staff feel more appreciated and become more efficient. For example, by offering to the current and incoming housekeepers an advantage of some sort, such as a cash bonus or paid day off of work for cleaning “x” number of rooms within a specific time frame may be the type of motivation necessary to keep this group happy. In regards to the work of researchers Spector 2012 states, “They found that on average reward systems result in a 16% increase in performance, but monetary rewards have a bigger impact
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