Organization and Management Essay

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The truth behind the successfulness of any organization is in the effectiveness of applying the organizational behavioral theories and concepts. Nowadays Organizations rely entirely upon these theories in order to have a competitive edge (Appannaiah, 2010). As stated above that in order for any organization to be successful, it has to have a beneficial organizational behavior; which is the impact of individuals and groups within the organization as well as its structure on its behavior and that leads to a boast in the organization effectiveness. Meanwhile, organizations should identify people and their behavior (Subba, 2010). According to research on organizational behavior, it must have an understanding, predicting and controlling of human behavior (Appannaiah, 2013). Therefore, I agree that underestimating organizational behavior is significant to firm’s success. In this essay, I will evaluate how understanding organizational behavior is essential to organization’s success. The role of a manager has altered and diversified from controlled approach to supportive approach to employees (Mishara, 2010). According to Norman and Pippa (2000), Organizational behavior has assisted in understanding the management role for managers. It has contributed considerably to understand what people are like, how they should be managed which helped the company to reach effectiveness in their activities. The value of organizational behavior is that it puts aside essential aspects of the manager’s work and presents certain viewpoint on the individual side of management for instance, view people as organizations, resources, etc. (Delta, 2006). Organizations involve people & it assists in developing these resources in order to attain organizational effectiveness. People have physical strength, executive skills, and organizing abilities. Hence, they contribute to the

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