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Organisations and Behaviour Report on Seymour Hotels of Jersey [pic] Explore Organisational Structure and Culture Examine different approaches to Management, Leadership and Theories of Organisation By: Aileen Bannon For: Catherine McMullen Date: March 2005 Terms of Reference As a student of Organisations and Behaviour, I was requested to carry out practical and theoretical research on an Organistaion. I chose Seymour Hotels of Jersey Ltd., focusing on the Pomme d’Or Hotel. Procedure The Following methods were used to gather information and compile findings: Theoretical information was taken from text books and lecture notes. I was a member of Management for over two years and was therefore able to obtain secondary data. I interviewed colleagues and employees. I obtained information from Seymour Hotels of Jersey website; . Findings Introduction to Seymour Hotels of Jersey Ltd. Seymour Hotels of Jersey Ltd. Is a Hotel chain comprising of the Pomme d’Or Hotel, the Merton Hotel and Aquadome, the De La Plage Hotel and the Portlet Hotel. Each Hotel has a unique clientele, deciphered by the Hotel facilities and location. Seymour Hotels of Jersey are all located on the Island of Jersey. Seymour Hotels of Jersey employs over 1100 staff members. Each establishment has its own management team to which all staff report, each management team reports to the General Manager who in turn reports to the Managing Director Mr David Seymour. Leading clients with Seymour Hotels of Jersey include Ernst and Young, Royal Bank of Canada, Deloitte and Touche, Abbey and Barclays. Types of Organisational Structure and Culture Organisations are “social arrangements for the controlled performance of collective goals”. A Structure

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