Organisational Style Affecting Company's Purpose Essay

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Aims and Objectives: * To provide care and treatment to individuals needing specialist palliative care in the Leeds area; the provision of education and training in the principles of care and treatment of these patients. Aims and Objectives: * Becoming the world's most sustainable major retailer by 2015. * Addressing a number of themes through their new clothing line to focus on value and quality and provenance * Being the top family brand * Developing new brand identities * Developing and more specialised position in the food sector. * Overhauling its brand portfolio * Becoming a truly international, multi-channel retailer * Attracting and retaining the industry's best talent is at the heart of M&S Human Resources strategy being the number one brand on the high street * Injecting newness and style across their ranges * Continuing to pursue the best value clothes and accessories and produce a confident fashion offering; deliver on-trend items for their younger customers; produce new garments quickly; and deliver the classic basics. * Getting good people in the customer service team, and trusting them to be led by their personality and intuition to get consumers to trust and like their product. * To employ real people to interact with their customers. The company have a 5 year achievement plan strategy, developed in consultation with patients, public and staff which is supported by annual business plans. The strategy and plans outline their future vision and how they will achieve this. Reviewing service priorities and ensuring they continue to meet patient and carer needs at end of life is a continuous process. To meet achieve this plan, being the flat structure helps them. On a flat structure the chain of command is clearest and the span of control is better, because St. Gemma’s hospice is

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