Organisational Networks Essay

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Draft report: Network analysis Healthcare industry University of Utrecht Unicersity School of Economics Geography 23-10-2014 Joan Crespo Ruben Snijder 4006070 ( Imke van den Bosch 4021894 ( Marloes Wigger 3824543 ( 1. Introduction Social network analysis is gaining increasing interest in the field of economic geographic. It is a promising tool to research knowledge flows and structures of industries in and across regions (Ter Wal & Boschma, 2009). This project aims to use the social network analysis to investigate the structure of collaboration within the healthcare industry in the Netherlands. The healthcare industry can not be approached as any industry. Everybody should have access to healthcare, which is exactly what the Dutch think as well. In the Netherlands everybody is obliged to have health insurance. Medical advancements are not meant for profits but to increase survival rates and the quality of life of patients. This leads to the question how research is conducted in the healthcare industry. Owen-Smith and Powell (2004) argue that the source of knowledge and research has a significant effect on a network. PROs (Public Research Organizations) mostly conduct research that is scientifically advanced and immediately valuable for the industry. Secondly PROs are robust and durable. Thirdly PROs stimulate information transmission because they do not aim for profit and want to contribute to open information disclosure. This is in contrast too for-profit organizations who are subject to market pressure and experience liabilities of newness and obsoleteness (Owen-Smith & Powell, 2004). Given the characteristics of the Healthcare industry our hypothesis is that it would benefit most from the research of PROs. Further explanation is given in the hypothesis theoretical
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