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Organisational Motivation Essay

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An employment motivation programme is a powerful tool that can bring about better performance and reinforce success-building behaviours in an organisation. The programme is developed in this scenario by use of meaningful and motivating rewards and factors/actions to satisfy skilled site operatives and bring success to the organisation.
For an organisation to reach levels of excellence through creation of a healthy and motivating environment there should be clear explanation of its vision, values and goals to its employees. This will win the employees’ confidence and commitment to the goals of the organisation. The explanations should be able to cover further on issues such as incentive schemes the organisation provides, any development opportunities as well as the performance standards the organisation expects from the employees.
Communication should be treated with concern since it is a way information can flow from top to bottom or vice versa within the organisation. Employees will be able to express their views on any issues that concern the activities of the organisation. Communication will also drive out any misunderstanding and fears that may crop up between the management and employees.
The employees at site have little opportunity to attain self-actualization through challenge, promotion or training. As a result their needs can be mainly satisfied through more time for personal/family life, e.g. early finish on Fridays. The employees’ physiological and safety needs have to be satisfied as well prior to mobilization of the main motivating needs since safety at site is ranked high for them.
Goals of the organisation should be clearly explained to the employees as a strategy for them to buy the ideas. With knowledge of the organisational goals in their minds, employees will strive to achieve such goals. These goals should be attainable and realistic and within the employees’ performance range. This therefore means their...

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