Organisational Decision Making Process Essay

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“Management must recruit and promote people on the rational basis of skills and experience that lead to efficient and effective production and not on the basis of vague considerations related to the management of diversity” Critically discuss the above quotation with specific reference to well elaborated discussion of organisational communication theories of diversity and decision making. According to the rational-actor model of decision making, Verwey & du Plooy-Cilliers (2002; 291) stipulate that people choose among all the available courses of action in a particular situation by comparing the possible results of each option on the same criteria and choosing the one that promises the greatest return. For example, if someone wants to choose among three luxury cars, they will begin by selecting a set of evaluative criteria and if safety is the main concern it will include other features like, after sales services, durability and price. Next the decision maker assigns a weight to each criterion and determines how much that is important to him/her. Finally, the buyer estimates the likelihood that accepting each offer will produce the outcomes that are implicit in each evaluative criterion by multiplying each weight by its associated probability to get the best decision. Verwey & du Plooy-Cilliers (2002; 292) states that to yield the best possible results, the decider must have a considerable amount of information including sufficient self awareness to know the criterion that are important to the decision maker. Furthermore, the decision maker should have accurate information about the probability that the various luxury cars will fulfill the criteria. Lastly the decider should have accurate information on the relative importance of these criteria to him so that weights can be assigned to the criteria. According to Verwey & du Plooy-Cilliers (2002;

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