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Organisational Culture The culture at LGPS is a role organisation. This means that everybody has a crucial role to play in school from the Senior Leadership Team to the Cleaners. We have Teachers that teach lessons to the children and Teaching Assistants who help maximise the learning of the children. Without our office staff the parents would not know what the latest news within school is and what their children are learning on a daily/weekly basis amongst other support they provide for teachers. Cleaners keep the school clean and hygienic and the Lunchtime Supervisors/Catering staff make sure the children have a nice, healthy, balanced meal everyday. One support cannot survive without the other. Everybody at LGPS plays a vital role. Below are 2 examples of how our organisation is affected by operations within school: * Office staff: If we did not have a central office where things could not be processed this would have a massive effect on our school as teachers would have extra work load and would spend valuable time photocopying/liasing with external companies. Parents would also find it difficult to communicate with the school in general and the teachers more specifically regarding their children. External agencies would have more difficulty getting in touch with the school for pupil queries and admissions etc. The office at LGPS is a vital and important part of the system and is a first stop for internal staff and external agencies as well as parents and children alike. * Teachers: without teachers a school would be impossible to run. Teachers are the very reason why children come to school. If people were not interested in educating children and making their future bright, there would be no where for pupils to go for education. Teachers spend a lot of their time planning lessons, as well as marking books and improving life skills of their

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