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Introduction What is an Organisational culture? There are different ways of describing the culture of an organization. (1) argues that some management experts have compared the organizational culture to the roots of trees, and others would compare the culture to a person’s personality. In any regard, the culture in an organization is what shapes it’s stability and feed the ultimate success and purpose of the organization. Let’s look at a definition that would explain in more depth the undeniable role of culture. (1) describes culture as a “cognitive framework consisting of attitudes, values, behavioral norms, and expectations shared by organization members.” From this definition it is understood that even though the organisational culture is a man-made part of the organisational environment, it is a cognitive framework that shapes the basic assumptions of its members. The Organisational culture: I work for a Consulting firm, which requires a completely different culture to that of a huge corporate organization in South Africa. Apart from being different, strong in terms of knowledge and experience and commitment, there are a few core cultural characteristics that are of utmost importance to the success of the organization. According to (1) this would include an attitude of flexibility, accommodating, sensitivity to the uniqueness of each client organization, willingness to take risks, appreciative towards employees, open communication, friendliness and congeniality. At Strategic SA, we understand this to a far extent. We understand very well when people are enjoying their work, and how a person should be developed and placed in an organization to extract the best energy and creativity from the employee. Furthermore, we understand very well that if a person is not in “flow” (a concept that is used to describe aligning capability and personality aspects to the

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