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Organisational culture The achievement of a robust and profitable airline in a competitive and fast growing industry does not only depend on cost cutting strategies within the organisation, nor does it depend solely on the search for the right alliances partners but it is also strongly associated with the development of a solid organisational culture (Doganis, 2006). An airline that has a strong or solid organisational culture has employees that are motivated, work as part of a team, communicates effectively, displays honesty and respect for others, show quality leadership and get rewarded fairly. The main factors that contribute to the creation of a healthy organisational culture, include firstly, the impact of the actions from the airline management, secondly, management’s ability to develop and sustain a solid and consistent relation with its employees, thirdly, the ability to invest in the selection process, and finally, developing, educating and providing continuous training programs for both management and staff. A positive and solid organisational culture will always produce effective and efficient outcomes for companies in the airline industry especially in an increasingly competitive environment. Organisational culture is defined as signifying the behavior, values, beliefs and norms within the organisation. This concept is explained in detail by both Schein 1998, as cited in Christensen (2006) and Kumar (2006), in which they defined organisational culture as a basic assumption and beliefs that are created or developed by members within an organisation that deal with or respond to problems in its external environment and internal integration. Furthermore they point out that these beliefs and assumptions are also shared by old and new members within the organisation as ways to respond to problems. What defines a strong and successful culture primarily is

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