Organisational Culture Essay

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Human Resource IIA Assignment Organizational Culture Introduction “Culture is defined through our language ,beliefs,religion, food, our music and our social interactions with one another “as discussed by Live Science . It is the way we prefer things to be done. Most of us find our identity in our culture and for some of us ,it plays a big role in our decisions and the way in which we conduct ourselves in behaviour. This is partly because we are told what is considered as normal , our ‘CULTURE’. In most instances you will find that when you question certain actions and the way in which they are carried out ,justification is always directed to the phrase ‘ its culture ,that is the way we do things’ The question then arises that if as humans have culture to govern our actions and conduct wouldn’t it be natural for business organizations to have such measures in place to govern its employees actions and conduct and set the tone as to what is considered normal and unique about the organization and have everyone in the organisation say: ‘’This is how we do things around here ” ( Deal and Kennedy, 1982) . To begin with, before exploring that subject clarification of what an organization entails must be confirmed. “An organization, the means by which human and other resources are deployed so that work gets done”. Price( 2011).An organisation consolidates the available resources in a such a way that they work together towards achieving and completing a specific task.It ia represented in its structure and the roles and responsibility assigned to manage such structures With the diversity of cultures that we have in South Africa alone, forgetting the many cultures that exist and which are followed outside South Africa , how does an organisation go about integrating all these many cultures into one distinct culture, unique only to the organization…? The

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