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0rganisational Culture Part A An organization is basically a group of people who work together constantly, in order to achieve certain goals relating to a business. Organizations from all over the world differ in many areas depending on their vision, mission and the services they provide. However all businesses have one common thing; the Organizational culture, which is a term that all organizations should know and be able to apply. “Experiences” and “values” are two of the characteristics stated in the first text defining the Organizational culture. It can also be considered as the various ideas of people related to the business, individually or collectively shared to improve the communication standards from inside and outside the business. The second text’s definition is again shared thoughts which were applied in the past though, and resulted positively, and should be advised to new individuals or groups in the business. Text 1 segregates the term Organizational culture and corporate culture. Their difference is that Organizational culture is what the organization is about, whereas the corporate culture is what it has instead. Organizational culture can be the standards, the opinions, the responsibilities and the principles of a company or industry. On the other hand, corporate culture is the “character of an organization”; meaning unique profile, professional ethics, values and aims brought out. Text 2 except defining organizational culture, it also concentrates on “culture” in generally. Therefore culture is defined by different peoples approach and reaction to work conditions. For example, how they respond to a situation, what they do, if they do it voluntarily or compulsorily, if they are approachable and if they are good at their work. So basically the two texts refer and include the same things, however in different ways and manners. Organizational

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